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platinum madness

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Platinum  Its modern. stylish & easy to wear with most things,at every ocassion at any places...no matter at office or party.

Its very chic & sophisticated .


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Mixing Up little Magic............Melontini

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A clean crispy cucumber, melon cooler it hardly takes 10 minutes to get preapared.


  • Ice as needed
  • 10ml melon syrup.
  • 60ml cucumber juice
  • 30ml vodka

To garnish
  • a melon wedge
  • a cucumber slice.
1)fill the martini glass with crushed ice & set aside.
2)fill the shaker with ice & other ingredients.
3)remove the ice from glass.
4)pour the cocktail in the glass & serve with garnisH .

The EX Factor

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Would you help your ex or mingle with him/her proffessionally .
when a relationship ends,it's usually a good idea to make a break

Cameran diaz is said to have recommended justin timberlake for a role in her movie "Bad Teacher" .

Despite being divorsed Avril Lavignes ex husband Deryck helped her for production & mixing of songs.

You know......

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You knw
I feel so random lately...all I feel like doing is watching movies Why?


You know
Climbing a mountain was never easy, so don't whine when we decide to go climb and find the journey to be difficult. We should have known the consequence from the very beginning, don't you think? :)

You know,
some times it hurts like anything to hear any medical diagnoses that means not okay, even when it's minor, even when it's curable.


Gonna sleep, peeps...good night! :)

girl with curls

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Hi everyone ,
I am from seaside,Mumbai,India.
A girl with curls.

The picture attached here is mine.....
Romantic shades aren't the best colors for me. I prefer myself better in neutral, earth colors and a lil' bit of smokey-eyes...;p

In dire need of some art? Well I wanted to make a post on numerous pieces that I have to show you guys.In addition to that, I'll be putting some artist details & try to formulate there art - creativity.
Then dont be idles start getting involved- join my forum, start responding to my each blog entries, start emailing..etc. if der eny Erick'just hit me up by filling ur suggestion full blog, remark.


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